May 21, 2018

Three Decades of “Edutainment”™

“Edutainment”™ is the perfect blend of Education and Entertainment, and that’s just what Scotty Mathews and friends have provided for three decades. Originally, family entertainer Scotty Mathews, used the word “Entercation” to describe his hybrid style of performing. He ultimately settled on “Edutainment.”™ “We had just finished a performance at the Elks lodge when it hit me… Entercation is not really a word,” says Mathews. “Come to think of it, neither is “Edutainment”™ but it sure sounds good.” 

Before Scotty and Sampson (The Sunshine Scouts) were “Edutaining”™ audiences there was Scotty & Clops. Audiences were thrilled by the duo’s song styling’s, laughed at their antics and learned about life along the way. Their first album “Do you want eggs with that bacon?” was an instant success. In addition to their busy tour schedule they also appeared on such television shows as Bob Vunder’s Goodtime Family Hour and Butternut Junction on WCVB, channel two in Knoxville Tennessee. At the height of the duo’s success Clops decided to walk away from show business leaving Scotty without a partner. “ I was lost without my little one eyed buddy,” says Scotty. “I knew I wanted to continue performing but didn’t know how I could go on.”

It was then that Scotty’s wife Jan introduced him to his newest partner Sampson. The first time they ever appeared on stage everyone agreed it was magic and another “Edutainment”™ partnership was born… The Sunshine Scouts. Soon after they started performing together The Sunshine Scouts were offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Scotty and Sampson caught the eye of the producer of a new television show. After a screen-test the duo was starring in their very own show Who’s knocking? Shot during the energy crisis, the show allowed viewers to escape their dreary lives filled with long gas lines and high fuel costs. Sampson played a variety of different characters including the highly popular Mr. Fiddles and Erica. Each episode dealt with an issue of the day and ended with a song that became the Sunshine Scouts signature sign off “Tomorrow’s Just The Day After Today.” The show ran from April 22nd 1980 to noon on April 29th 1980 just shy of its one-week anniversary. Mathews calls the show, “ The happiest and most creatively satisfying 6 ½ days of our career.”

Scotty Mathews and Sampson are still providing quality “Edutainment”™ for audiences all across the nation. Their newest album American Virtues is available online at iTunes and select Sweetbay Supermarkets in Pennsylvania and Indiana.