May 21, 2018


Question: Are you guys Amish? 

Answer: Ha, ha or LOL as the kids say! On a serious note, we were raised in the Amish tradition until our sixteenth year when we discovered Rumspringa, the tradition of “running around.” It was then we discovered our passion for ham radio. We’ve been ham radio enthusiasts ever since and thus had to leave our beloved Amish tradition behind.

Question: How long have you and Sampson been performing together?

Answer: On and off since 1980.

Question: What are your musical influences?

Answer: I have many musical influences. Right now I’m partial to the Monkees and Mike Post TV themes.

Question: What type of music does Sampson enjoy?

Answer: The same kind I do.

Question: What do you mean?

Answer: He likes the same kind of music that I like.

Question: You mean you guys enjoy the same kind of music?

Answer: Yes, we like the same kind of music because our musical tastes are similar.

Question: Sampson? Do you have fun performing?

Answer: (Scotty) Sampson is sleeping so I’ll answer. Yes.

Question: Yes he’s sleeping or yes he enjoys performing?

Answer: (Scotty) Both.

Answer: (Sampson) Hi. I just woke up.

Question: Did you have a good rest?

Answer: (Sampson) I sure did! Boy do I feel great!

Question: Is Scotty your father?

Answer: (Scotty to Sampson) Boy, you must be starving little pal! How ‘bout a snack after your nap? How’s about we pick up the questions after snacks