May 21, 2018


Where it all began

Scotty Matthews and Sampson – Watch more Funny Videos


“Do you want eggs with that bacon?” (1975)
“Bicentennial Barbecue” (1976)
“Special Times” (1977)
“Potty Words” (1979)
“The Christmas Shoe (1980)
“Tomorrow is Just the Day After Today” (1980)
“Words we don’t say out loud” (1986)
“Neighbors don’t touch” (1988)
“Some animals are food” (1989)*
“Family Picnic” (1990)
“That’s no one else’s business” (1991)
“Ethic Holiday” (1994)
“O is for oxygen” (1996)
“Santa isn’t real” (1998)
“No one likes a hobo” (1999)
“Y2k is just okay!” (1999)
“Fancy Thoughts” (2007)
“American Virtues” (2010) 

*Also released as “Songs For Hunters”